Our last blog post explored how regular use of Mathletics is proven to have a significant, positive outcome on SATs results.  This post will help you to learn how Mathletics can help you prepare your students for SATs by identifying weaknesses, targeting key areas, helping students acclimatise to exam conditions and assisting with practice and revision.

Arithmetic and Reasoning Practice SATs Assessments

  • Mathletics contains a bank of brand new assessments based on the challenging sample assessment material and new SATs format.
  • Online timed assessments help pupils acclimatise to exam conditions
  • Questions are automatically marked, saving teacher time
The New Mathletics Assessments - SATs

The New Mathletics Assessments


Early Intervention with Gap Analysis and Diagnostic Reporting 

  • The assessment reporting tool diagnoses pupil knowledge gaps against curriculum outcomes
  • Where pupils have answered questions incorrectly, Mathletics suggests activities designed to address those weaknesses
  • Teachers can assign these activities instantly, ensuring effective intervention, targeted for each pupil


Curriculum-aligned Activities and Revision tools 

  • Mathletics courses provide comprehensive coverage of the 2014 national curriculum for England
  • Engaging interactive content reinforces pupils’ conceptual understanding and builds mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving through practice
  • Pupils are encouraged to visit an interactive, animated Support Centre to consolidate and revise concepts taught in the classroom


“All the children love Mathletics – it’s now embedded into our teaching practice and I think it has made a significant impact on the children’s learning overall. Crucially I have noted a clear link between a pupil’s SATs results and the number of times that child logged on to Mathletics. Our SATs results in both Maths and English have been improving year on year and our use of 3P’s resources has contributed to this success. It has really put maths at the forefront of their learning. The fact that it is highly interactive has really given the children the incentive to say ‘I’m going to have a go here – let me see what this is all about.’ ”

Snowsfield Primary School




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