Parent engagement

Involving parents in their child’s learning process and building effective home-school relationships can be demanding on teachers’ time and resource. With Mathletics, there are simple, effective ways to facilitate home-school communication.

A simple start to increase parent engagement is to send a letter home. Even if this was sent at the beginning of the subscription, a periodic reminder will be useful for some parents. If you have other methods of home-school communication, such as email or an intranet, information can also be provided in this way.

Parent letter template
Parent engagement

As well as reminding parents of their child’s login details, the letter encourages them to sign up for weekly progress reports for their child. This will give some idea of their child’s strengths and weaknesses and means the parent can help them to improve on these areas at home.

Holy Family Catholic Primary are discovering the benefits of parent engagement:

“We’ve found that lots of parents absolutely love Mathletics. They’ve signed up to the parent registration whereby they get a weekly email about their child’s strengths and weaknesses, what they’ve done that week and how much they’ve used it. If a child is struggling with their maths at home and parents don’t know how to solve the problem, they can use the help button so they can learn from that themselves and talk through it with their child.”

A great way of increasing parent engagement is a Mathletics workshop specifically for parents. This could be based around the benefits of digital homework, extra maths practice at home, or could cover the basics of Mathletics and how it is being used in the school. Running a workshop per class or per year group might work best.

Cippenham Primary School are running a series of Mathletics workshops for parents:

“The first workshop was open to parents across the school. We didn’t have the most positive initial response from parents to our switch to digital homework and so we thought this was the best way to allay concerns and show what a positive impact the program could have. We had 120 parents turn up! We struggled to fit them all in the hall!

The response was generally really positive after this workshop but there were still parents with questions that couldn’t all be covered in such a large group. So in response to this, we are currently running a series of smaller workshops in the computing room that parents from a particular year group sign up to. They will be led by a teacher from that year group who can talk to them about how Mathletics will be used in that year. The parents can also log on as their child and can navigate the site with support from the teacher.”

Another idea to increase parent engagement is to invite them to Mathletics celebration assemblies. Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates can be awarded, plus a trophy as a special award. Parents can share in their child’s success, and it will raise the profile of Mathletics – meaning parents will be more likely to encourage Mathletics use at home.

If you would like any help with parent engagement and Mathletics ask our support team or +44(0) 117 370 1990, or download our Parent Pack.