Teacher training - Mathletics

If you’ve used Mathletics in your class, you’ll know it is captivating for students – but how do you engage and train your fellow teachers? Maybe your school has been using Mathletics for a while and some teachers are still unsure about using Mathletics in their class, or new teachers have come in. There’s plenty you can do for teacher training, to encourage your colleagues to get the most out of Mathletics and inspire teaching maths in your school.

Mathletics offers teachers many features such as reporting, assigning tasks, practice test papers and much more – but getting the full benefit means properly embedding the resource in your school. To help you get the most out of Mathletics, here are a few suggestions that will help you embed it in your school and get a Mathletics buzz going – not just amongst students, amongst teachers!

Webinars and training

Firstly, attend the free webinars available. These are held regularly, so when new teachers join they can attend a session to learn the basics.

The sessions are also great for refreshing your knowledge, or learning about areas you’re not sure on. Check webinar dates and times to find out more.

Teacher training webinars

Want to know something specific? Contact us at support@3plearning.co.uk or +44(0)117 370 1990 and we can show or tell you how. If you would prefer a bespoke training session at your school, this can also be arranged. Please contact us to discuss costs and options.

Celebration assemblies

Hold celebration assemblies for the whole school or year group, rewarding Mathletics use throughout the school. Award bronze, silver and gold certificates, plus present a special Mathlete of the week/month award (this could be based on exceptional effort or outstanding progress). This will get the whole school excited about Mathletics, and fellow teachers will encourage their students to get involved.

Teacher training - Mathletics displays


Create displays and use posters in classrooms and around the school corridors to raise the profile of Mathletics. Use the free resources page for printable reward system posters, certificates, reward trackers, times tables posters and more.

Staff meetings

Add a Mathletics section to your weekly or monthly staff meeting agenda. Elect a couple of Mathletics teacher ambassadors to help keep other teachers engaged. At the meetings compare class, year and school usage; feedback on how you’ve used Mathletics during the last week or month, and share tips. Find out how to generate reports here.


Take your knowledge further and achieve certification. The Mathletics Certification Pathway will recognise and reward your commitment to using Mathletics to help teach Maths. It’s also great for career development. Find out more about certification here.

Monthly tips

Sign up to receive monthly tips to help you get the most out of using Mathletics – email us at support@3plearning.co.uk and we’ll add you to the list. Encourage all teachers in your school to do this, to share and spread the knowledge!

Last, but not least, regularly visit the Mathletics blog for useful articles about Mathletics, maths and education.