Following on from exciting news last week, regarding our five Bett Award short-listings, we are thrilled to have another announcement to share with our subscribers in celebration of anti-bullying week which takes place from the 12 – 16 November.

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with award-winning Gooseberry Planet to provide a comprehensive e-safety toolkit for the whole school community across the UK, Europe and Middle East (EME). The new partnership between 3P Learning (creators of Mathletics) and Gooseberry Planet will make it easier for primary schools to access high-quality resources on cyber-safety, allowing you to fulfil your obligation to educate children on online safety as part of both the computing curriculum and personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE).

Aimed at children aged 5-13, Gooseberry Planet uses gaming technology to help children learn about internet safety. During the course of a familiar game, children are exposed to online safety topics such as bullying, meeting strangers, grooming and sexual exploitation. Pupils face real-life online scenarios to which they must respond, while simultaneously collecting points in the form of ‘stars’ and competing with their classmates. The resource is tailored for different abilities, with audio support for children who are less able. As the platform is game-based, it makes it easy for teachers to address often difficult topics, facilitating discussion around issues raised in the game and allowing educators to monitor pupils’ reactions to the situations that are presented.

As a provider of online game-based learning resources, including world-leading maths resource Mathletics, used by over 5 million children worldwide, 3P Learning sees internet safety as integral to its mission to help schools through online learning. Gooseberry Planet’s game-based approach is aligned with 3P Learning’s own attitude to learning: that engaging children in fun, game-based resources is the best way to communicate concepts which children may struggle with or which require repeated practise to ensure understanding.

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