Mathletics monthly tips

Did you know that you can create and save maths lesson plans in Mathletics? The Lessons area can also be used as a platform for collaborating and sharing lesson plans with colleagues.

Creating Lessons for Collaborative Teaching

To demonstrate how this function can be easily used to save time and share ideas, we are going to look at how to create a lesson for the notoriously tricky subject of algebra!

1. Start by clicking on Lessons in your Teacher Console.

2. Using the drop-down menus at the top of the screen, you can choose which level of the curriculum to view content from, or alternatively widen your search by selecting All of Mathletics.

Lesson topic options

3. Next, enter the subject you would like your lesson to focus on into the search bar. In this case we will enter the word ‘algebra’. Then click on the search icon.

4. You will be presented with an array of activities relating to the subject. These are divided into Activities, eBooks, Interactives and Videos.

5. Using the arrows next to each of the topics, select Preview to take a look at the content or Guide to access useful teaching hints and tips.

Algebra activity options

Content in the interactive section provides a great way of approaching a subject as a whole class, before moving on to more independent learning. Using a projector or an interactive whiteboard you can view the content together as a class before moving on to individual activities.

EBooks can be both printed for individual progression, or viewed as a class on screen enabling group learning.

Once you have decided what content you would like to add to your lesson, simply drag and drop the content into the panel at the bottom of the screen.

When you are happy with your plan, you can save it to your school’s lesson library by clicking Save As. Be sure to label your lesson with a memorable name and select the appropriate year group.

Finally, click the green tick.

That’s it! The lesson will now be ready to use.

Staff at your school can access shared lessons via the Lessons area of the Teacher Centre by clicking on Find in the bottom left of the screen.