Did you know that as a subscriber to Mathletics, you have over 250 assessments tests at your fingertips? Setting the same assessment at multiple points across the school year provides excellent quantitative evidence of student improvement; very useful for benchmarking.

This month’s tip looks at how you can use the Assessments area of the program to monitor your students’ progress over the course of a year – providing clear evidence of understanding and highlighting areas for improvement.

Watch the video or view a PDF guide.

Alternatively, follow the steps below:

1. Sign in to Mathletics using your teacher log in details, then select the box labelled Assessments.
2. Using the dropdown menus at the top of the screen, select the relevant teacher, class, country and grade level.
3. You will then be presented with a list of assessments appropriate for your group. Take a look at the questions included in the test by selecting Preview.
4. Next, click Schedule Assessment. From here, you will be prompted to choose the students who should take the test, the time and duration of the assessment, and Confirm
5. On completion, results will be immediately updated. You can access this by clicking on View Results. Here you can drill down into the results of each individual student, and export the data into a spreadsheet for your records.

Mathletics assessments are carefully created using an array of multiple choice questions. These questions will not change, no matter how many times you set the same test. Plus, to remove any distractions when you set your students an assessment, they will not have access to the rest of Mathletics until the test has been completed.