Effective personalisation is made easy with Mathletics

Mathletics is built to support teachers in meeting the diverse needs of every maths classroom. Using Mathletics in your classroom will allow you to ensure that students are truly at the centre of their own learning. It’s the ultimate solution for personalised instruction and student-driven learning. 

4 key ways Mathletics supports studentcentred learning and enhances teacher effectiveness.

1. Active participation

With Mathletics, learners actively participate in their own learning. Both teachers and students have clear visibility of what students know and understanding. Students build on their current knowledge and skills by progressing through rigourous curriculum topics within a variety of activities.  Students have the ability to choose their pathway, when appropriate, and are encouraged to seek available support that meets their individual learning needs.

2. Agency and choice

Curriculum-aligned, customisable courses are designed to provide students with choice, when appropriate, to take ownership and make decisions about what is next to define their own pathway. This gives learners agency over their own learning which results in increased motivation and outcomes. Other online mathematics solutions allow the technology to make all the decisions about the pathway and the pace, which can hold a learner back from increasing their strengths, because they are hindered or even blocked by their weaknesses. Research shows that this lack of choice can be
demotivating for students.

3. Visibility and self-assessment

Whether teachers are assigning specific tasks or students are progressing through their customisable courses independently, students have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.  Students can self-assess while returning to previously marked questions and can monitor their progress while being rewarded for effort, improvement and achievement.

4. Differentiated instruction

At Mathletics, we understand that teachers need to be able to recognise and accommodate varying learning modalities across their class. Mathletics includes simple to use tools to manage classes, create learning groups and customise courses.  With a blend of multimedia resources including varied delivery methods of content types, every student is enabled to achieve their maximum potential. Students have access to videos, eBooks and other learning tools as well as the ability to make choices around the activities they complete. Mathletics allows for more challenge, user-control and flexibility – and teachers will always have the right tools for instruction.

With Mathletics at their fingertips, teachers save valuable planning, instruction and scoring time, allowing them to focus on each individual learner.

Interested to see for yourself how Mathletics can help with effective personalisation in your classrooom? Why not try Mathletics for free now?