The Mathletics Summer Challenge 2018

From Monday 25th to Sunday 1st July 2018, 207 Mathletics schools competed for the Mathletics Summer Challenge crown. The event challenged students to earn as many points as possible on Mathletics during the 7-day period, by completing live games and answering curriculum questions. There was a great effort from all involved!

Congratulations to first-placed Bethel Primary School in Caernarfon, Wales, for your incredible dedication to the Challenge! Following in second place was St Clement & St James CE Primary School in London. Close behind in third place was Hereward Primary School in Loughton, Essex. Congratulations, great work!

First-placed Bethel Primary School were delighted:

‘We are so proud of the whole school who worked as a team to ensure every class made it on to the leader board. The engagement and enthusiasm of the pupils kept momentum throughout the week which proves to them that hard work, dedication and teamwork does bring results!’
Nia Elwyn, teacher at Bethel Primary School

The children at Bethel Primary were very proud, posing for this celebratory group photo when they found out the great news! An incredible effort by all of you – well done!

Mathletics Summer Challenge winners 2018

Second-placed St Clement & St James CE Primary School were very proud:

As a school we enter lots of maths competitions but these usually involve a small number of high attaining pupils. This competition is different as every child can take part and indeed needs to get involved in order to increase the average score for everyone.

We have entered most Mathletics competitions and usually rank about 35th. This year our Y6 pupils had been feeling a bit deflated after SATs and when I mentioned the competition in assembly, they immediately got extremely excited about a new challenge. Every spare moment that week they were on Mathletics. Every single Y6 child came in to do Mathletics one particular lunchtime – including all of the football crazy kids (during the world cup tournament!). Their enthusiasm was infectious and soon the other classes joined in.

I knew we had done well but didn’t think we had made the top three so when we received the phone call to say we were second, I couldn’t believe it and was delighted. When I told the school during the next assembly, there was a loud roar of excitement.

Rose Smith, Maths leader at St Clement & St James CE Primary School

The students had some great feedback too:

I spent about 10 hours doing Mathletics and got 26,000 points. I was determined to win. When we came second I was really delighted.
Darcey, Y5 and highest scoring in the school
I spent 2 days after school doing Mathletics and got 17,000 points. I did activities rather than live maths as it gives more points. I was happy when we came second.
Beau, Y3
I loved playing on the fractions activities and was really happy that we came second.
Adam, Y3

Third-placed Hereward Primary School were also very pleased with the result:

Wow, that’s amazing news!! The children will be so pleased; I know the competition is very tough! A massive thank you to you for all of your encouragement!
Steph Knezic, Mathematics Co-ordinator at Hereward Primary School

Full and final results can be viewed here. Well done to all schools involved!

As well as a sense of overwhelming pride and victory, the top 3 schools receive a voucher towards their subscription renewal and a celebration pack.

Mathletics challenge events are a fantastic way to get students engaged in maths and have fun! Watch this space for the next Mathletics challenge…