Mathletics library

We’re very excited to announce the release of the new and improved HTML Mathletics Library for the Teacher Console. The new library provides simple navigation and easy access to hundreds of printable eBooks, including workbooks, problem-solving, exam and revision eBooks.

Blend the teaching and learning in your classroom with Mathletics printable eBooks that are curriculum and topic-aligned, containing detailed instructions, examples and questions. In the left-hand navigation panel, click the Mathletics Library to view all available resources. Most student eBooks feature an accompanying teacher solutions book. Filter the library by the book type and year level to easily find what you are looking for and provide targeted supplemental and core instruction.

Once selected, you can choose to download a specific section or download the entire eBook as a PDF file, which can be used online and enhanced with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) or printed for offline use.

Content Types

The Mathletics eBooks are available for all grade levels, with each workbook focusing on a specific topic. The student books contain questions, exercises and activities to provide instruction and reinforce mathematical concepts. The accompanying teacher and solutions books include answers, assessments and outcomes.

Problem Solving eBooks
The problem-solving eBooks are designed to guide learners in how to structure investigations and develop mathematical thinking. Teachers are provided with instructional techniques and support for each strategy, along with guided and independent practice for students.

Rich Learning Tasks
Marian Small’s Rich Learning Tasks are open-ended problem solving tasks where each question has multiple possible solutions to foster problem solving and reasoning skills. The accompanying solutions book contains the reasoning behind the tasks, lesson guides to facilitate and extend the learning and a leveled rubric for assessing student responses.

Exam Revision eBooks
Exam revision books give you access to the full student eBook and a solutions book. Once you click into the Exam revision eBook, you will be able to view its contents and select the specified sections as you see fit.

Dive into Mathletics and explore the Teacher Library today!