End of school year activities – learning gaps, rewards and fun

As we move towards the end of term, here are some suggestions for end of school year activities - to make the most of the remaining weeks before the Summer break, combined with winding down and having fun with your students. You may want to fill in any learning gaps and ensure a good [...]

Primary to secondary school transition

The stress of SATs week is now over! We hope they went well in your school. We now wait for the results, and then the Year 6 pupils move on to secondary school. Although there are now no mandatory re-sits in Year 7, it is important pupils are fully supported through the transition [...]

Teacher training and engagement

If you’ve used Mathletics in your class, you’ll know it is captivating for students – but how do you engage and train your fellow teachers? Maybe your school has been using Mathletics for a while and some teachers are still unsure about using Mathletics in their class, or new teachers have come in. [...]

Growth Mindset: the key to achieve success in learning, by Dan Haesler

Too many children – and adults for that matter – believe they don’t need to learn, or that they can’t learn. Professor Carol Dweck from Stanford University contends this is due to individuals developing a Fixed Mindset with regard to their capabilities, character traits or potential. She argues that not only [...]

Increase parent engagement and home-school communication

Involving parents in their child’s learning process and building effective home-school relationships can be demanding on teachers’ time and resource. With Mathletics, there are simple, effective ways to facilitate home-school communication. A simple start to increase parent engagement is to send a letter home. Even if this was sent at the beginning [...]

Preparing your students for SATs with Mathletics

Our last blog post explored how regular use of Mathletics is proven to have a significant, positive outcome on SATs results.  This post will help you to learn how Mathletics can help you prepare your students for SATs by identifying weaknesses, targeting key areas, helping students acclimatise to exam conditions and assisting with practice and [...]

The Mathletics March Maths Challenge

From Monday 6th to Sunday 19th March 2017, 330 schools in the Mathletics community competed for the March Maths Challenge crown. The event challenged students to earn as many points as possible on Mathletics during the two-week period, by completing live games and answering curriculum questions. Open to all Mathletics schools, there [...]

Get ready for SATs success at your school!

May is fast  approaching and it’s time to start preparing students for the SATs tests. It can be a particularly stressful time for teachers, students and parents with everyone feeling the pressure but there are many ways you can help your students get ready for the tests. Mathletics is proven to have a significant, positive [...]

The rise of breakfast clubs

Schools have a lot on their plate. They need to ensure that their teaching is supporting children that have special educational needs, speak English as a foreign language, are eligible for the pupil premium, or in reality, need support for a combination of these things. At the same time, any new initiative, resource or [...]