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FREE ebook download: Busting the “maths brain” myth

Learn how to empower students to love learning and help them believe they can achieve with this free ebook authored by the education team at Mathletics.

How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh I’m not a maths person” or “I don’t have a maths brain.” The impact of labelling children as a type, or even adults for that matter, is that psychologically the message we convey is that we’re good at something and by default not so good at something else.
In this eBook you will learn how the “maths brain” myth came to life and how new research in this field can positively impact on the way in which maths is taught.

This is FREE eBook from 3P Learning, the team behind Mathletics. This ebook explains in clear language where the “maths brain” myth comes from, its effects on students’ learning and how you can debunk the myth in your classroom. Enjoy!

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