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Mathletics provides professional support for maths teaching in a very small rural school in Scotland.

The Challenge: While many teachers might envy a school with such a small cohort, it does have its challenges. Fewer pupils also means fewer teachers and opportunities to share experiences and best practice. Teacher Megan McMichael has 14 children ranging from Primary 1 to Primary 3 – which is the equivalent of Reception to Year 2 in England. Her colleague has Primary 4 to Primary 7, again involving a wide range of ages and abilities.

Within Megan’s class there will be children who are developing concepts and learning how to form and write numbers and getting a sense of values of single units, through to children who are working on decimals and long multiplication.

Megan manages the complexity of these different levels by rotating children around different activities. They are divided into groups and she will spend perhaps 15 minutes in direct instruction with one group while others are playing maths games, doing partner work or
working on Mathletics tasks.

About the School: Duncow Primary School is a rural two-teacher school set approximately seven miles to the north of Dumfries on the C11 Dumfries to Auldgirth road. It has been there since 1878, serving mainly local farming families, plus a few from further afield who choose the school because it runs a Breakfast Club so that parents working in nearby Dumfries can drop the children off early. Duncow School has just 31 children, but is part of a triple partnership with two other rural schools Dunscore Primary School and Moniaive Primary School.

“Mathletics gives me confidence that I am on the right track.”

“I can assign different tasks and tailor them to a child’s academic level. Mathletics takes them step by step through each task really well”

Megan McMichael, Teacher, Duncow Primary School.

The Solution:

“Mathletics makes the necessary differentiation easy,” says Megan. “I can assign different tasks and tailor them to a child’s academic level. “Mathletics takes them step by step through each task really well. Sometimes they are doing activities which I think are very challenging and mentally taxing, but because all the steps are clear, the ‘scaffolding’ is set in place so that they can achieve success.”

The Benefits: 

Mathletics provides a good source of professional support and a useful source of ideas for lesson planning – particularly helpful for a teacher in an isolated school which can be quite lonely. Although Megan is in touch with the partnership schools via Skype, it is not quite the same as picking up on chance conversations in a staff room.

Megan also likes having ready-made resources created by experts: “I show a Mathletics video on the SmartBoard and we stop it at different points and talk about what we have seen and then think about what will happen next and how to solve the problem. Mathletics gives me confidence that I am on the right track.”

“Mathletics provides a good source of professional support and a useful source of ideas for lesson planning”

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