Five reasons to choose Mathletics at your school

Mathletics is proven to improve results and support pupil growth by:

Significantly improving levels of attainment and progress

The University of Oxford carried out a study of more than 13,000 schools in England to assess the impact of Mathletics on Key Stage 2 SATs results in maths.

The study found that schools that made regular use of Mathletics did significantly better on a range of measures, compared to schools that did not use Mathletics. Regular use of Mathletics was defined as pupils completing 3 or more curriculum activities per week (equating to as little as 20 minutes). Where this level of usage was achieved, the study found:

  • More pupils making at least 2 levels of progress

  • More pupils achieving at least a level 4

  • More pupils achieving a level 5 or 6

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Five reasons to choose Mathletics in your school

Providing comprehensive support for SATs preparation

Arithmetic and Reasoning Practice SATs Assessments

  • Mathletics contains a bank of assessments based on the challenging sample assessment material and new SATs format.
  • Online timed assessments help pupils acclimatise to exam conditions.
  • Questions are automatically marked.

Early Intervention with Gap Analysis and Diagnostic Reporting

  • The assessment reporting tool diagnoses pupil knowledge gaps against curriculum outcomes.
  • Teachers can instantly reassign activities based on pupil results ensuring effective intervention, targeted for each pupil.

Curriculum-aligned Activities and Revision Tools

  • Mathletics courses provide comprehensive coverage of the 2014 national curriculum for England.
  • Engaging interactive content reinforces pupils’ conceptual understanding and builds mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning through practice.
  • Pupils are encouraged to use the interactive support available to consolidate and revise concepts taught in the classroom.
Five reasons to choose Mathletics in your school

Helping close the attainment gap for FSM (Pupil Premium) pupils

The University of Oxford study found that schools using Mathletics regularly performed significantly better in KS2 SATs on a range of measures, compared to schools that did not use Mathletics. Specifically with regard to FSM pupils, the research found that:

“Schools with a large proportion of pupils eligible for FSM that use Mathletics regularly have a significantly higher proportion of pupils making at least 2 levels of progress compared to schools with a similar proportion of pupils claiming FSM that do not use Mathletics.”

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The 2015 winners of the National Pupil Premium Awards, Parkfield Community School, used Mathletics to help close its FSM attainment gap:

“The outcomes have been stunning. 82% of our pupil premium pupils achieved the expected standard in KS2 tests – and 78% achieved at a level above the standard (level 4b+), compared with the national average of 53%.”

Helen Hackett, Maths Lead & Assistant Head Teacher, Parkfield Community School, Birmingham

Five reasons to choose Mathletics in your school

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