Five reasons to choose Mathletics at your school

Mathletics generates captivation and engagement by:

Increasing levels of pupil engagement, confidence and motivation maths

One of Mathletics’ key benefits is its ability to captivate and challenge pupils in a stimulating, interactive environment. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • A whole host of engaging activities and content which makes learning maths fun and exciting

  • Earning points, credits and weekly certificates motivating learners not only to enjoy maths but to strive for better results

  • The Global Hall of Fame – appealing to those who wish to see their name ‘up in lights’ and become a maths legend around the world

  • The competitive dimension of the Live Mathletics game and the creation of their personal avatar

  • Assigning appropriate work for each pupil challenging those who need to be challenged, and supporting those who need to be supported.

“Our KS1 pupils enjoy Mathletics because it’s so interactive which has got them really engaged in maths. They love how bright and colourful it is. Mathletics has really benefitted our KS2 pupils by helping to build up their confidence in maths and improving their mental arithmetic. It’s great for developing confidence and getting children more engaged in maths.”
St Mary’s Catholic Primary

Five reasons to choose Mathletics in your school

Assisting in building family engagement

Mathletics is shown to assist in building parental engagement

Mathletics is being used by many schools to help establish a stronger link between home and school – allowing parents to take an active role in supporting their children’s maths and numeracy learning at home. Parents can register for their own account where they can track their child’s progress in maths and sign up for weekly email updates.

What teachers are saying about Mathletics and parental engagement…

“The feedback from parents has been very positive, as it enables them to see the teaching methods that are being used in the classroom. In addition, our Mathletics coordinator celebrates pupils’ success through the use of the Mathletics Wall of Achievement, posting photographs and writing regular updates for the school newsletter. Mathletics now forms an integral part of the school’s numeracy improvement strategy. So far, the results are encouraging and the response from the pupils and parents even more so.”

St Kentigern’s Academy

“All the parents I’ve spoken to love Mathletics. They like the fact that their children are excited about doing maths and excited about doing their homework. It’s something parents can sit down and do with their children which they seem to enjoy. It takes the pressure off teachers by not always having to provide parents with more and more information. There’s so much on Mathletics and it’s so easy to access for both pupils and parents.”

Christ The Saviour CoE Primary

Five reasons to choose Mathletics in your school
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