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Here at Mathletics we’re here to help teachers in any way we can. That’s why we’ve provided this ever growing library of free resources. Here you’ll be able to find educational eBooks and classroom resources to help you understand the benefits of a Growth Mindset, the gamification of learning, or even a sample of our in-product classroom eBooks that we’ve opened up to everyone!

eBook: Choosing the Right Online Resource for your School

Follow the 3 steps outlined in this eBook to help ensure that you make the right decision for your school.

Mathletics Free Resources - Growth Mindset eBook

eBook: What is a Growth Mindset?

Explore the concepts of the Growth Mindset and empower your students to love learning with this free eBook authored by our education team.

Mathletics Free Resources - Gamification eBook

eBook: Gamification of Learning

Explore the fundamentals of gamified applications to education by downloading this free eBook authored by our education team.

Mathletics Free Resources - Lesson Plans

Sample maths lesson plans

Lesson planning is likely not your favourite task. Fortunately the Mathletics team have produced a range of great free engaging lessons for you…

Mathletics Free Resources - Mathletics blog

Explore the Mathletics blog

Explore our latest product updates, news and information as well as exploring a library of articles and content authored by our education team.

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