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We know there’s no getting away from the fact that school budgets are extremely tight and justifying spend is very challenging. The depth of Mathletics makes it a valuable and cost-effective resource but we understand the budget still needs to come from somewhere! Luckily we’ve heard plenty of stories from schools who are using creative methods to raise funds or fully utilise their budget. Take a look at the ideas below!

Engage Parents
Rethink your budget allocation
Organise your fundraising event
Case Studies

Idea #1  Engage parents

Ultimately parents want the very best education for their children. That’s why we have many Mathletics schools who have worked with their PTAs to raise funds for. At a cost of as little as 10p per week, per pupil, Mathletics is quite affordable – either via PTA funding or even parental donations. Lots of our schools in the past have asked us if we have an example of a letter to ask parents for their support. That’s why we’ve designed a Mathletics-branded and a non-branded version of a letter that you can fill out with your school specific details and hand out to your parents.

Branded Parent Letter
Non-branded Parent Letter

Idea#2 Rethink your budget allocation

Improving levels of progress, attainment and overall standards in maths are sure to be priorities on your SLT’s development plans. Mathletics is proven to significantly increase levels of pupil engagement and to improve progress and attainment in maths with as little as 20 minutes’ usage per week. Also, Mathletics is proven to help close the attainment gap in maths and it supports individual students through a differentiated and personalised approach. Many schools invest in Mathletics through Pupil Premium giving funded pupils what they need, while also offering a unique maths tutor that supports each one of your pupils’ individual needs at the same time.

Idea #3  Organise your fundraising event

Fundraising activities can be a fantastic and fun way to raise funds. Cake sales, quiz nights, discos, fairs, corporate sponsorship – let your PTA get creative and leverage the whole school community to support the purchase of key resources. In the past, lots of our schools came up with amazing fundraising event ideas. We’ve written about our favourite one so far – check out how Malorees Infant and Junior school raised funds for their Mathletics subscription (and what role their local rugby club played in the story).

Case Studies

Read about how teachers have successfully raised funds and re-allocated budgets to fund Mathletics at their schools.

Malorees Infant and Junior school in Kilburn

Case Studies

Featherstone Primary and Nursery School

Case Studies

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