Supporting primary school-aged learners

The learning journey starts with Mathletics. A targeted, rewarding and highly captivating online learning resource to power maths learning from Reception through to Key Stage 2.

  • A bright and engaging interface to make their own with themes and avatars
  • A full set of curriculum-aligned activities covering all topics and themes of maths covered throughout primary school
  • All activities are automatically marked, with learners receiving clear and intuitive feedback on their progress
  • In the hugely popular Live Mathletics, learners can test their skills in a great live online maths game, competing against others from right across the world!
  • Curriculum content is supported by interactive tutorials to both support and extend the learning
Mathletics for families - primary
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A truly rewarding experience…

Different students need different rewards, so we’ve got lots to encourage students to stretch themselves and adopt a growth mindset. From avatar credits for improvement, to points for correct answers. A weekly target of 1000 points earns a certificate, building through bronze, silver and gold across the year, promoting long-lasting engagement. Top-scoring students are showcased on the Mathletics global Hall of Fame!

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Mathletics for families - primary

Including a range of extra learning resources to excite and engage…

The Concept Search is an interactive and visual dictionary of mathematical terms. Explore and learn through modelling and pictorial representations.

Join Max and the Times Tables Toons band as they sing, dance and rock their way through the times tables. A fun way to learn multiplication facts!

A range of problem solving puzzles, encouraging students to solve real-world maths problems through exploration and open thinking.

Designed for younger students, Rainforest Maths is a wildly bright, colourful and vibrant area of Mathletics with a selection of simpler activities.

Take a look at Mathletics in action…

Over 4 million primary-school aged students are using Mathletics to help them with their maths, in schools and via home subscriptions. We hear every day how much they genuinely love it!

Don’t take our word for it

We recently asked our huge community of parents what they thought about Mathletics


of parents said that Mathletics makes maths concepts easier to explain to their child.


of parents said that Mathletics had improved their child’s understanding of maths.


of parents said their child showed increased enjoyment in maths through using Mathletics

Average student score when starting a Mathletics activity: 68%
Average student score after completing a Mathletics activity: 92%

*Data taken from 2016 survey to Mathletics-subscribed parents. Student improvement statistic references first vs. latest attempts as individual Mathletics activities, covering student data across the 2017 academic year.

Secondary learners
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“My daughter, who has never liked maths, now loves it. She often asks me to go on Mathletics, she loves to “play” Live Mathletics against other kids and seeing all the different players around the world. It’s so fun it doesn’t feel like learning. She even gained a level in her SATs.” – Parent