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Mathletics helps a big school with big plans.

The Challenge: The school’s vision is to ensure that learners benefit from a personalised learning plan and progress at the rate that works for them. To support this, children are grouped by stage not age, which means that some children have moved up a year and are working with older children.

“Instead of automatically moving up the school year by year, they move on when they are ready,” explains Alex Counter, teacher of a mixed Year 4 and Year 5 class. “In some cases there are vertical groupings, which means there’s a need for simple ways to differentiate learning.”

About the School: The Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy, known as IPACA, opened in September 2012, following the merger of five schools. At present the academy operates across three campuses, but is soon to move to one new site which will bring all the teachers and pupils together in one place. It is a big school with big plans, providing for children from nursery to sixth form, ages from 3-19, from the Isle of Portland and the nearby area of Weymouth. Professor Stephen Heppell, a leader in the role of ICT in learning and Chair in New Media Environments at Bournemouth University, is Patron of the Academy, so it’s no surprise that IPACA prides itself on its creativity and use of technology.

The Solution:

Alex likes to use the Mathletics challenge and reward software from 3P Learning because it is child-friendly and engaging. He uses it primarily as a tool for reinforcing, assessing and revising learning.

“The children feel as if they’re just playing games, but they are learning at the same time,” he said. “I like the fact that there are rewards for hard work. Children design their own avatar and earn credits which they can spend on their character.

“I will usually teach a topic for three days and then the children will have a go on Mathletics so that I can see where they are with it.”

The Benefits:

The main advantages of Mathletics at Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy are;

  • It offers variety

  • It motivates children

  • The questions are easy to understand

  • The children don’t need teacher attention the whole time

  • It encourages independent working

  • It is tailored to pupils’ ability

  • Pupils who use the app at home weekly are making excellent progress.

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