View the 9 reasons your school should be using Mathletics

Mathletics values the individual child – they can create their own avatars and design their own screens, while teachers can ensure that the curriculum is at the correct level, while not taking away from the look the child has created.

Mathletics encourages children to practise. Gold awards require 20 weeks of work, keeping pupils engaged and practising over a length of time, helping them to build up a good learning habit and develop resilience.

Mathletics provides continuous positive reinforcement. Pupils are rewarded for improvement and attainment by earning points, credits, certificates and by additional fun games being unlocked.

Mathletics values effort. Children achieve more credits when they improve their scores, than when they win. Everyone can get onto the Hall of Fame – it requires effort rather than ability.

Mathletics empowers pupils to choose their level and access the interactive animated support centre and maths dictionary when necessary.

The clear reporting on progress allows pupils to become reflective learners, reviewing their own progress. After completing an activity pupils are shown a progress graph. They are also given the chance to review their answers. The ‘Try Again’ button encourages pupils to have another go.

What teachers are saying…

“Mathletics is always the most popular choice of activity. The greatest thing about it is that it makes all children, regardless of ability, see themselves as successful mathematicians.”

Whingate Primary

“Mathletics has definitely helped us create a ‘can do’ attitude towards maths in our school. They are more engaged in maths and their confidence in the subject has increased.”

William Marshall Primary

“I would definitely recommend Mathletics to other schools. It’s a really positive way of engaging pupils in maths in the classroom and at home, particularly for pupils who might be reluctant mathematicians or feel that they are no good at maths. We’ve found that Mathletics is a really good way of building their confidence.”

Christ The Saviour CoE Primary

Mathletics gives students the opportunity to succeed, no matter what the level. The way Mathletics works is that it gives them constant rewards to motivate them so even if maths isn’t their favourite subject – and many children don’t find maths easy and find it tricky – then Mathletics gives them the opportunity to succeed at it and are rewarded and motivated.

Sarah Thompson, Riverview Junior School