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The 2015 winners of the National Pupil Premium Awards, Parkfield Community school, used Mathletics to help close its FSM attainment gap:

“The outcomes have been stunning. 82% of our pupil premium pupils achieved the expected standard in KS2 tests – and 78% achieved at a level above the standard (level 4b+), compared with the national average of 53%.”

Helen Hackett. Assistant Headteacher, Maths Lead and Specialist Leader in Education, Parkfield Community School.

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Independent research carried out in 2015 by the University of Oxford found that schools using Mathletics regularly performed significantly better in KS2 SATs on a range of measures, compared to schools that did not use Mathletics. Specifically with regard to FSM pupils, the research found that:

“Schools with a large proportion of pupils eligible for FSM that use Mathletics regularly have a signficantly higher proportion of pupils making at least 2 levels of progress compared to schools with a similar proportion of pupils claiming FSM that do not use Mathletics.”

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