View the 9 reasons your school should be using Mathletics

Key benefits

One of Mathletics’ key benefits is its ability to captivate and challenge pupils in a stimulating, interactive environment. This is achieved in the following ways…

  • A whole host of engaging activities and content makes learning maths fun and exciting

  • Earning points, credits and weekly certificates motivate learners not only to enjoy maths but to strive for better results

  • The Global Hall of Fame – appeals to those who wish to see their name ‘up in lights’ and become a maths legend around the world

  • The competitive dimension of the Live Mathletics game and the creation of their personal avatar

  • Setting appropriate work keeps the pupils who need to be challenged, challenged – and those who need to be supported, supported!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“We have used Mathletics for a few years now and we find that it really motivates children and makes maths fun. It’s great for helping to improve results for children who struggle with maths and for the more abled pupils as it allows them to learn independently at their own pace. Mathletics has engendered more excitement and engagement in maths which in turn has increased our pupils’ con dence and enjoyment of the subject.”

Sycamore Academy

“It’s great to see how motivated and engaged children are when they use Mathletics. It’s made a big change to children who are anxious about maths and they are now excited about the subject.”

The Downley School

“Our KS1 pupils enjoy Mathletics because it’s so interactive which has got them really engaged in maths. They love how bright and colourful it is. Mathletics has really benefited our KS2 pupils by helping to build up their con dance in maths and improving their mental arithmetic. Mathletics is also great for struggling pupils as they can follow a course their teacher has set them and is appropriate for their ability. They can use Mathletics for independent learning but what’s crucial is that they can see their improvement when they are rewarded for their progress. It’s great for developing con dence and getting children more engaged in maths.”

St Mary’s Catholic Primary

Mathletics is the most amazing website! I would highly recommend it to everyone! It’s amazing to see the pupils so happy and so much engaged when doing Mathletics!”

Glenarm College

“I would say 95% of children say maths is my favourite subject and Mathletics has helped tremendously with this.”

Snowsfields Primary

“When Mathletics was introduced it created a massive buzz about the subject in the school. It’s an absolute winner. There is not a sad face when a child is logged onto Mathletics.”

Kilburn Park Foundation School