Mathletics - Print a letter for parents

Supporting your students… and their parents.

We believe parents and guardians are a key part of the learning process. That’s why we’re here to help you support your parent community. We’ve created our Family Console, designed specifically to give parents valuable insights into a child’s progress – and is FREE to any parent of a child with a Mathletics account. A brilliantly easy way to facilitate home-school communications. We’ve even written you the letter to send home. Dedicated online help and support is also available for parents.

Download a letter for parents
Hold a workshop for parents
Help & Support for parents

A great window for parents…

There are many reasons to involve your students’ parents and guardians with Mathletics. Here are just a few…

  • Parents receive a FREE weekly email report of their child’s progress.

  • A convenient and easy way to support learning at home, monitor homework tasks and activities.

  • Individual reports on progress, improvement and time spent online.

  • Celebrate success by printing at home any certificates earned.

  • Extra Mathletics practice at home can make all the difference in a child’s maths progress.

Download a letter for parents

Hold a Mathletics workshop for parents…

Depending on the size of your school and classes, you could run a session for the whole school or per year group. This is a great way to showcase how Mathletics is being used at the school – and how parents can continue this at home.

  • Spend the first 5-10 minutes showing the parents the student console with a brief overview of the sections. You can use the video tour available here for this purpose, then point out the areas you’ll be using most in your school. The student guide and console map underneath the video are also useful resources to share with parents via email following the session.

  • Explain that your school will be using Mathletics to set homework. Clarify that this will appear as a pop up in the student console so that students (and parents) know what they need to do!

  • Explain how rewards work on Mathletics – you could use one of our reward posters for this purpose. Do you celebrate Mathletics certificates in assembly? Do you have a Mathletics trophy to celebrate success and progress?

Download a PDF
Supporting parents with Mathletics
Supporting parents with Mathletics
  • Show parents how to sign up for a parent account to monitor their child’s progress. This is done at They will need their child’s Mathletics sign-in details to register. You could prepare letters to give out in advance, download a free template letter above. This is a good reminder even if you have previously sent out letters.

  • Encourage use of Mathletics at home to reinforce learning done in class. Introduce the ‘help’ button available on Mathletics activities as an option for parents to use with their child if they are struggling with a certain question or activity. The Mathletics Advantage research summary can be shared with parents to encourage use at home. Explain that resources like Mathletics work best when parents work in partnership with the school to ensure consistent usage.

  • Does your school run a Mathletics breakfast or after school club? Remind parents of the times, or gauge interest in such clubs starting.

  • Explain that Mathletics offers ongoing support to all users. Show parents the dedicated help and support portal for parents where to find help guides online and share the contact details for the support team ( or +44(0) 117 370 1990) so they know who to contact with any questions.

  • Be sure to leave some time for a Q&A session!

Supporting parents with Mathletics