Watch real teachers talking about the impact of Mathletics in their classrooms

Real teachers, making a difference with Mathletics.

Mathletics is making a real impact on learning outcomes in primary and secondary maths classrooms right across the country, but don’t just take our word for it. Watch these stories from real maths teachers and school leaders from across the country, talking about how Mathletics has made a significant impact in their schools.

“Mathletics supports us by captivating and engaging our students.”

Getting students engaged in maths is more than half the battle and nothing captivates students like Mathletics. The winning combination of exciting interfaces, awards, rewards and engaging activities mean that students actually want to learn with Mathletics.

“There is not a sad face in the class when we’re logged on to Mathletics.”

Improving results and increasing attainment.

A key indicator of success with any learning resource is the ability to produce qualitative results and improvement in student attainment. Mathletics is a powerful tool to do just that and does so again and again with all types of classrooms and learning requirements. The ability to target, differentiate and personalise the learning process allows each teacher to individual tailor the resource to a student’s needs.

“With our 2016 results, our APS was up 2.6 points on the previous year… and we were up to 55% of students achieving a Level 5 and 12% at Level 6.”

What secondary school maths teachers are saying about Mathletics.

Mathletics is not just for primary schools. The resource and interfaces evolve and develop for students from Year 7 to GCSE, with curriculum activities, multimedia resources and reporting for students to take greater control of their learning.

“The independent learning is there… the instant feedback is there, the ease of assessment is there… and I believe it works the best.”

“Mathletics is saving us time with lesson planning.”

The Mathletics Teacher Console makes preparing, planning and setting tasks simple and lesson planning is no longer a chore – freeing up much needed extra time for teaching. Mathletics course content is fully aligned to the curriculum so finding a suitable activity, eBook or teaching resource is one less thing to think about.

“It saves me loads of time… setting tasks is quite a quick activity for me!”

“Mathletics is saving us time with the setting and marking of homework.

A major pillar of the Mathletics ethos is to save teachers time. One of the many ways this is achieved comes via the tools available both for the setting of homework tasks and also in the automatic marking and reporting of live results data. This frees up teaching time to use this information to steer the learning process.

“It really takes off the pressure, as a teacher, of having to differentiate worksheets and homework activities for each student… it’s a real time saver.”

“Mathletics helps us to foster a Growth Mindset about maths.”

A Growth Mindset is key to a student’s success – and is also a key pillar of how Mathletics is designed to captivate students and power their learning. Students can choose their learning challenges, are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning and feel more confident to explore.

“Students think ‘I can do this, I’m going to have a go at this… and if I don’t succeed I’m going to try again’ – and to see them beaming at me is quite a moment.”

“Mathletics is fully aligned to the National Curriculum.”

At Mathletics we take our coverage of the curriculum very seriously (we’ve even won awards for it), with dedicated courses designed to align with all year levels from Foundation through to GCSE, including problem solving and reasoning. We have even built a custom course creator to give school’s even greater freedom.

“With Mathletics there is such a variety of activities, it’s often better than the textbooks or worksheets that are available.”

Why secondary schools use Mathletics.

Mathletics is an integral part of maths lessons in hundreds of secondary schools across the country, for a huge variety of reasons. Whether it’s engaging students, managing the wide spectrum of maths ability at secondary level or having access to dynamic and technology-driven learning resources, secondary maths teachers love teaching with Mathletics.

“For me, as a head, it’s great to see my staff using resources to help the students achieve. For us, Mathletcs is that resource.”

Supporting the transition from primary to secondary school.

The Mathletics resource grows and evolves with students from Foundation to GCSE, making it the perfect tool to aid transition between primary and secondary school. Students can continue their maths learning journey at secondary level, with the dedicated Mathletics secondary interface, while maintaining links to a familiar learning environment.

“We set a summer learning task on Mathletics for our incoming Year 7s… which has helped us gain a picture of their attainment and core number skills… a better realism of where they actually are.”

Supporting independent learning in secondary schools.

As learners grow through secondary school, independent learning becomes ever more important and Mathletics is designed to both nurture and facilitate that. Students have the tools, resources and technology at their disposal to drive their own learning, while maintaining access to all the support they may need.

“In my class, in just the first term… the top ten students have all done in excess of 15 extra hours of maths work, and that’s work they wouldn’t be doing otherwise.”

Supporting parental engagement.

Here at Mathletics we believe that an important part of the “learning triangle” is parental engagement, so we have built in methods of home-school communication, with our free parent reports, plus parents themselves can gain a lot from the resource when helping their child with homework. If our inbox is to be believed, parents love Mathletics!

“Parents really also love the Concept Search, because a lot of the maths vocabulary parents may not understand, so they can sit with their child and find out what it means!”

We love learning. That’s why we offer every school a free trial of Mathletics. Explore Mathletics for yourself in your classroom today.

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