Aligning Mathletics to curriculum objectives

Linking Mathletics to curriculum objectives? Take small steps…

At Mathletics, we understand that ensuring you are continually meeting all the objectives of the curriculum is tricky. It’s one thing to understand the requirements, but quite another to utilise the full breadth of your learning resources to cover that content. How do you translate the objectives into engaging and valuable lessons?

We’re here to help. We’ve produced a series of great guides to support Mathletics teachers, who use the White Rose Maths scheme of learning, to make full use of the resources available within Mathletics. (It’s even really useful if you don’t!)

The WRM scheme splits the National Curriculum objectives into “Small Steps”. Whenever possible, Mathletics curriculum activities, pages from eBooks or learning experiences within Rainforest Maths have been all matched to each of the small steps on the WRM scheme of learning.

Meeting the needs of the curriculum has never been more straight forward.

Learn about our dedicated WRM courses
Download the free WRM support pack: Spring
Download the free WRM support pack: Autumn

“These guides have been invaluable. I introduced them at a recent staff training session, and within the hour every one of my teachers had switched their classes onto the associated new Mathletics courses. Being able to know exactly the content available for each week’s curriculum objective is SUCH a time saver. Thank you!”

– Headteacher, Mathletics subscribed school

We’ve even created dedicated WRM courses within Mathletics…

To save even more time, we’ve gone a step further and created a series of dedicated courses within Mathletics aligned to the WRM scheme of learning, covering each year from 1-6. Switching your class onto the course is simple…

  • Within your Teacher Console, select the “Classes and Group Management” option in the Classes area.

  • Find the class and group you would like to assign the new course to, and click “Change Course“.

  • Use the dropdown menus to locate the new WRM courses. They are listed under the United Kingdom and available for years 1-6.

  • Click the green tick to confirm. Your classes will now see the WRM-aligned content in their student consoles when they next log in.

Aligning Mathletics to curriculum objectives
Download the free WRM support pack: Spring
Download the free WRM support pack: Autumn